Brand strategy in an ultra-connected world

  • Consumers, Strategy, Brands


Since the arrival of Internet and the acceleration of the innovation curve, the relationship between brands and consumers is totally modified. It became a power relationship over time and hence it turns into the advantage of the consumer which has the right information at the right moment, which is considerably changing the way of buying and considering the purchase. The technology development is in its early stage and the continuation could be difficult for the brands which don't have a conscience of what's happening and which don't get prepared to.
What is the evolution of the relationships between brands and consumers due to technology ? How do the brands have to react ? From a strategic point of view, how to re-orient a brand territory ? What tools need to be used in an operational level ? How to adapt the organisation of marketing and communication ? We will analyse the stakes of the ultra-connectivity of consumers for the brand strategy, and the ways of responding it within the framework of a 10-year evolution on the basis of a series of practical examples and counterexamples.

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