The car of tomorrow

  • Consumers, Strategy, Innovation, Economy and society


For several years now, big financial groups of Silicon Valley begin to take a very close interest in our dear car. Tesla, Uber, Google, Amazon, Apple to mention just a few compete with billions to think the car of the future. What are we exactly talking about ? Nothing less than a totally autonomous car, able to drive from an A point to a B point without any human intervention, using a pollution-free energy. The war between these new incomers and historical builders of this huge market is going to be bloody. The first cars of this type arrive on american roads... Detailed review of an advertised societal mutation !
What will the car of the future be able to ? How is the consumer going to apprehend it ? What mutations will it cause on society and urbanism ? Here's a technological evolution that is going to significantly modify the society as we know it, until the landscapes, by revconciliating humans with nature. What consequences for the historical builders ? For the companies of the concerned markets ? For the employees ? Back to the future !

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    • Car
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