Siri, when am i going to die ?

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Here a start-up which presents an artificial heart, which already enabled several patients to survive, there a financial group which experiments cell programming, or even this other firm of Silicon Valley whose goal is to kill the death: here is the tip of the iceberg in some examples. Reality is way more impressive. Many companies are presently designing the future of our health, a future using sensors transmitting in real-time our wealth factors, which will be analysed by an artificial intelligence who will detect the slightest anomaly and will allow a medical team to react in real time, 24/7. And it is just the beginning !
We will project to get an overview of our future regarding to our relationship with our body. What will be the health of the future ? What priority would be given to doctors ? How will connected objects revolutionate our way of thinking to our health ? Let's have a wonderful trip in a world where our body will be connected and our nurse will be called Siri.

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