The politician, a technological homo sapiens

  • Consumers, Innovation, Economy and society


3D printing, biotechnology, robotics, artificial intelligence, to just name a few, will be have numerous and important consequences on society as we currently know it, on the economy, on the employment or on human relationships. The task of the politician, whatever his ideas, is to anticipate the environmental mutations and to have a long-term vision in order to pave the way. It is unfortunately obvious that we are far from this ideal in the majority of the countries.
What consequences will technological innovations have on society ? Are we prepared to these mutations ? Can we ask a worker to anticipate the evolution of his job, or is it the role of the economic and politic leaders to take the initiative in order to avoid social damages ? We will analyse the societal consequences of the current technological mutations as well as the present political answer of governments, to end up with the necessary evolutions to apprehend or the decisions to take.

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    • Politic
    • Innovation
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