Digital break and uberization of the economy

  • Strategy, Innovation, Economy and society


The digital mutation of the economy causes the reconsideration of several markets as banks, insurances, tourism, transport or retail. Forward, no market will avoid this imposed revolution wich enforces the historical operators to choice between adaptation and economical death. The examples of the companies Uber or Blablacar are blatant in the field of transports. The reality is that the economic model of these companies, model based on the principle of the platform, is diffusing into all the categories of society and even affects heavy or financial industries which were protected by this mutation a few time ago. We forward talk about uberization of the economy.
How far have we gotten in the digital mutation of the economy ? What are the consequences on markets, firms and consumers ? How is this digital break related to the mutation of the economy ? How to apprehend the uberization of the economy ? How to answer it ? Can we avoid it ? So many questions and many others related to the basis of our society and of the economic model of many companies will be talked about, with sometimes answers which will not delight at all a number of right thinking elites !

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