3D printing, or the new industrial revolution

  • Strategy, Consumers, Innovation, Economy and society


It is known as the new industrial revolution, rebalancing international exchanges and relocating the industry as close as possible to consumers. 3D printing is way more than a new technology, it's a new relationship to our environment, forward reaching health, food, industrion or construction. Here is a detailed review of a new industry still in draft form, but which already has the assets of a big one !
Why buying an object at the other side of the world whereas we can produce this for the same price at home or on the corner of the street ? How can the diffusion of this technology within layers of society deeply change human relationships or the traditional operation of society ? Can we consider this technology as an anti-delocalisation, anti-pollution, anti-unemployment arm ? What major evolution will it bring in industrial process ? We will try to have a clear vision of the potential of this technology and its consequences on the company, the consumer or the society.

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    • 3D Printing
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