Pltaforms and the digital revolution

  • Strategy, Economy and Society


Anyone who follows the news realizes the clear acceleration of the pace of technological discoveries and the innovation growth curve. For example, more planets were discovered throughout space just for the year 2014 than since the discovery of astronomy. This is due, among other things, to the emergence of platorms in society.
What is a platform ? How do they contribute to accelerate the digital mutation of the economy ? What are the companies using this economic model and why ? We will study the causes of acceleration due to platforms of our everyday life. We will draw consequences on strategic, economic and societal levels. And we will consider the concept of the current mutation from an economy of products and services, towards an economy driven by platforms, by analysing its involvements in the development of firms, user experience or even the R&D.

  • Mots-Clefs:

    • Platform
    • Digitale Transition
    • Uber
    • BlaBlaCar
    • AirBnB