Innovation and consumer behavior

  • Innovation, Consumer behavior, Brands strategies


The very important acceleration of technological development doesn't only modify society or facilitate our daily life. It also completely impacts the balance of power which exists between brands and consumers, by giving them the possibility to have the right information at the right moment or to organise into communities on social networks. From now on, a company can't simply have a purely marketing discourse, but it must make sure that it is true under immediate penalty from the consumers!
How does innovation modify the consumers behavior and their perspective on brands ? What the situation will be in 10 or 15 years ? How do the firms have to adapt ? What strategies should we adopt ? We will analyse the whys and wherefores of this new marketing and societal reality in order to draw consequences for brands, consumers and the balance of power within our consuming society.

  • Key Words:

    • Innovation
    • Consumer behavior
    • Brand strategies
    • Functional economy