Google, God and me

  • Innovation, Strategy, Consumers, Economy and society


From a start-up which revolutionized the concept of research on the Internet, Google became an ultra-profitable conglomerate, present on all the continents and in various lines of business such as satellites, health, artificial intelligence augmented reality or even robotics. Here is a company which repurchases or invests with billions in a lot of technologies around the planet with an assumed will to change the world to make it better and nothing less than triumph over death.
What reality is hiding behind this sprawling company ? What is the strategy of the founders and what are they developping ? What power does the ordinary consumer have ? Are there some reasons to worry about the ever-growing power of Google, which even exceeds the capacity of some states ? Here is a journey at the heart of one of the treasures of the Silicon Valley which will not leave you unmoved, be sure!

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    • Google
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