Artificial intelligence, algorithms and model of society

  • Innovation, Consumers, Economy and society


Specialists of this field of study consider that computers will be more intelligent than humans by 2035. So be it. But isn't it the case yet ? Nowadays, the least smartphone has computing capacity above 75 billions of operations per second. I don't know about you but I am still far off ! The real question is to know if an artificial intelligence could emerge with an autonomy of thought independent from a potential binary code. And in this case, answer is yes, without any doubt ! Only remains the doubt related to the time horizon.
What is artificial intelligence ? What do the algorithms considered as a major step on the road of the development of an artificial thinking allow to do nowadays ? What are the applications in the professionnal field ? In the everyday life ? What will be tomorrow the place of computer in life and society ? What will be the computer of tomorrow ? And above all, what will be the consequences of all these technologies on companies and on our models of society as we know it ?

  • Key words:

    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Algorithms
    • Deep learning
    • Machine Learning
    • Society
    • Innovation