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    Innovations, consumers and strategy.

You want to captivate your audience on topics related to the Innovation and the behavior of consumers ?

Conferences for very diversified public

Higher education and universities

We intervene for more than 10 years upon request of business and ingenery schools in France or abroad. We raise students' awareness of the consequences of new technologies on business strategy, consumer behavior and communication of brands.

Interventions for enterprises

Jean-Christophe Bonis is often sollicited to intervene in business seminars, symposia or events where he exposes his favorite themes about the consequences of innovation on civil society, its associated policy challenges, the announced ruptures of the traditional economic models and the necessary of the human repositionning at the heart of strategies.

Public lectures

To begin a dialogue with the communities of technology aficionados, students hungry for innovation, citizens willing to know the main trends at 10 years old, the contractors, managers or directors desirous of reflexion, Oxymore regularly organises conferences open to everyone, to share the subject of its latest investigations and exchange about new tendencies. Please follow the program and register !

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International interventions

Russia, Ukraine, Eastern Europe, Africa, China, USA, UK, South of America... We have already given many lectures in these countries and are regularly asked to intervene in schools, universities, events or companies on our favorite topics.

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