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Call in our teams in order to define your strategy linked to the chain of values of the innovation and its consequences over your economic model !

Our skills area

Big data and transfer of the economic models

Oil of the XXIth century, datas are collected with an exponential quantity. Volume of digital datas double every year but 95% are not used ! Our part is to guide companies into reflection over use of those datas in order to create sources of economy, grains of porductivity, and an adjustment of economic modèles in order to respond to the new deal. Our reflection focus on the use of datas in an economic goal.

Big data and user experience

In the same way as the economic plan, datas allow to understand better ours consumers and users. We guide our clients into their reflection over a qualitative use of datas in order to improve the experience user, create new services responding to their worries and put back human into the heart of decisions.

Technological break-ups and management of changing

There is a lot of example of companies which did not anticipate a technological break-up completly questioning their own existence ! Our work is here to fallow your market in order to identify all the external technological risks and to guide you in order to operate the necessary metamorphosis.

Support to changing from a product focused model to a platform focused model

Your model is the one of a product or a service. Fine ! Making progressing your model to a virtious ecosystem allow to open yourself to external competences in order to increase benefits for consumers and the innovation curve. Even better ! We guide you into that strategical thought and its working enforcement.

Growth hacking and strategies of growing up of communities

The most efficient product and service is nothing if it is not disseminated beside consumers and massively fitted. There is a lot of start-ups which did not succeed to make concrete the transition between the bêta stage and growth stage for lack of communities and a dedicated strategy. A lot of techniques exist in order to work on the different stages of the comunity's growth, all brought together into the common name of Growth Hacking.

Strategic repositioning around the user experience

The user or consumer has to be at the heart of all the strategy. Its way of using your products or services, its blockades are decisive for a massive support. We help us to positionne yourself around your consumers and to reorganize your design, your strategy around the user experience.

Optimization of the innovation chain of values

The innovation is at the heart of your growth. The chain of values linked to that innovation is an important source of development just as well at the products, services or ecosystems' levels. Its optimization is major in order to develop the curve of growth of the innovation integrating the collective intelligence to the strategy of development.

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