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Train your team to respond to technological break and anticipate the evolution of behavior of your consumers.

"Who knows his enemy as he knows himself, in a hundred battles will not be defeated. Who knows himself but does not know his enemy is winning half the time. Who knows neither his enemy nor himself is always in danger."

Sun Tzu

Our Training

Data revolution and new technologies are completely changing our world. The aim of our training is to help you anticipate technological breaks, analyse the future modifications of consumers' behavior as well as their consequencies on your market.

Why become skilled ?

The acceleration of time is one of the main consequences of the digitalization of our environment. 24 hour news channels, pace of innovation, development of new products, arrival of new economic models which call into question all the convictions of traditional operators, collective intelligence multiplication, there are numerous examples to illustrate this acceleration of our everyday life. The multiplication of persons causes a severe difficulty to follow them all, to understand the consequences and to understand how to adapt. Our role is to distill this analysed, re-treated and constantly updated strategic informations, and to help you benefit them in your profession and in your professional projects.

What are our areas of training ?

Our set of formations concerns the triad: Innovation - Consumer behavior - Business strategy. If you want to know our current training programs, please refer to the following dedicated part, or contact us.

Our philosophy of training

Pratic as a central pillar is our key words... A program entirely imagined with multiple and concrete examples is part of all our formations. Beyond the themes progress, we emphasize the exchange of experiences with the participants and the analysis of their personal cases. We at Oxymore think that a successful training is more than a pedagogic program presented to participants. It will be for you an exciting, passionate exchange which is going to defy your convictions, and overall an important source of inspiration. Our belief is that it must be an intellectual, emotional stimulation for you, basis of a professional renewal.

Our Formats

We propose to you three formats, in an inter-enterpise or intra-enterprise environment, according to the number of modules you want to follow. Simplicity, modularity and modernity !

A la Carte

  • 600 € HT
  • 1 module of your choice
  • 7 h per day
  • 5 persons at least

Tailor Maid

  • Prices according to demand
  • Customized Training
  • Suitable Schedule
  • Unlimited number of participants

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