Follow the task of our laboratory of research on innovation, the evolution of consumer behavior and strategic consequences.

Our laboratory and its tasks

An environment in constant evolution

Innovation and technology are areas where scientific progresses are continious. There are few weeks when you don't have an announcement of promising results or of the development of a new technology. We can see a real acceleration of the innovation curve all over the world because of the massive involvement of populations enthraled by those subjects and massively contributing to the development of the collective intelligence by the provision of their datas to the collaborative platforms. For example, there were more planets discovered during the only year 2014 than since the invention of astronomy ! And that kind of exemples are many...

Our methods of work

That environment in constant evolution needs to be permanently followed in order to identify the discovers or developments being able to have a major incidence over the heart of the activity of some markets. This is the first task of the team of our laboratory which scan all the discoveries, subjects of studies of public or private laboratories, just as the technological announcements all over the world. Our goal is to have a global image of the technological evolutions and of the potentiel of the discoveries in order to be able to anticipate the big trends over 10 years.

Once that job of miticulous collection done, the analysis of consequences over the market, the behaviors of consumers can be proceeded. How a technology can put into danger company's strategy ? What are the major stakes of the moment ? How consumers will react to one or another innovation ? How can we strategically answer to the deep transfers consequences of scientific discoveries and their practical applications ? Those are as many subjects of reflexion occupying the everyday life of our laboratory.

The economy of platforms

We see since several years a mutation of an economy said of services or products to an economy of platforms. The consequences over the evolution of the innovation of the companies, over the society and the collective awarness are majors. Those subjects are at the heart of our preoccupations and our researches in order to study the resources and analyse the consequences.

The quaternary or the advent of the economy of the use

To the primary, the natural ressources, to the secondary, the industry, to the tertiary, the services. This is a classical order of the worldwide economy. That one has been enriched by a fourth category said the quaternary or the economy of the use. The Apple store, the "velib", the "autolib", the participative economy ... All are part of that new category which announces a new world celebrating the end of the economy of the property in order to replace it by the one of uses. Major subject according to us because deeply linked to the one of platforms, it is also into the heart of our attentions.

Our works of research to ordere

Next to the specific order of some of our clients, we are about to perform researches over tendencies, technologies and their consequences over particular areas or typical markets. Those tasks are then given as conferences or reports linked to our board area. Don't hesitate to ask us over those subjects in order to study together the best answer to your issues.