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Another way to see innovation create value perceive the everyday life share a vision

Our Features

A "boutique" size"

A human size team focused on our core business.

X Y Z generation

Complete "digital natives" we are.

Sensitive to the environment

We are more Dutch bike than German sedan.


The morning in Paris, Noon in NYC, at the evening in Shanghai. And you ?

Vision in 10 years

We produce a plentiful research in order to anticipate the big future evolutions.

Apple addict

We are big consumers of apples. Anything severe doctor ?!

A super competent team

We are a team of specialists shearing a common vision.


What a joy to live from our passion !

and ...

I'm afraid we are addict to coffee, but we are also nomads and work in all types of environments.
Used of consumer communities, we are highly connected and aware of ongoing developments.
We are players :-)! But it is important not to be fooled by appearances ... We are working hard for you!

What is our vision ?

Since the advent of internet and the digital revolution coming from that, the world is deeply and quickly changing. The stakes for the organizations are up to the potentiel of that new economy which is just at its teenage phase. That concerns a lot of different companies which see their traditional model of economy completly questioning by young companies basing their growth on a model of platform and not anymore on only products and services. The futur promise to be fascinating for the observers of that economic world but so terrifying for the actors who are for the majority not aware or believer ! Our mission is to guide them in order to overcome the obstacle and convert themselves into a new model of growth requiring a thorough review of all their convictions and beleives.